A 78-year-old farmer married an 18-year-old girl

They say that love does not see caste or age. However, very few lucky people get such a love in which someone even ignores their old age. But a 78-year-old farmer in the Philippines was blessed by the goddess of love and fell in love with a girl who is 60 years younger than him.

The groom's name is Rasheed Manga Cope while his 18-year-old bride's name is Halima Abdullah. The two met in a dinner and then Halima was only 15 years old. Dilha Rasheed says that they never thought of marriage, it was their true love that tied them in marriage.

They understood each other for 3 years

The bride and groom were friends for 3 years before marriage and during this time they understood each other's habits, then when they felt that they were made for each other, they got married formally.

This is also the first marriage of the old man

Ben, the bride's nephew, says that his uncle Rasheed had never married before and was always single, but Halima fell in love with him and then their families ignored the age difference and the relationship. Openly accepted

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