Childbirth in a plane How to give birth during a flight

Pregnant women are forbidden to travel, they are also unnecessarily forbidden to leave the house, so that there is no sudden disaster, both mother and child are safe, but sometimes under special compulsion. One has to leave the house or sometimes one has to travel from one city to another and even be deported, but in such cases, if the health deteriorates, the lives of two people are in danger.

In India, the condition of a 9-month pregnant woman at Terminal 3 of New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport deteriorated when the plane was ready to take off to Parwan. It was done. And at that time the crew intended to deliver them immediately.

After 40 minutes of medical assistance, the woman gave birth to a child. This was the first time that a child was born at an airport in India. On this, the airport administration gave free ticket for this flight for life for this first air child and the parents were also surprised at this announcement. Commenting on social media, the child's father wrote, "All my life I wish I could get free tickets everywhere, but I couldn't but my son was lucky enough to travel for free."

How are pregnant women delivered during the flight?
Since every flight has a medical staff and sometimes even a medical staff is kept by the management to see that if a pregnant woman is on the flight and she needs an emergency, there is immediate management. Airbus has a small medical camp which provides 24-hour service and is facilitated by the consultation of expert doctors and the most important of all are the air posts after the doctor who not only takes care of the baby. Rather, they help the pregnant woman to relax in every way.

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