Interesting story of a 94-year-old surgeon who married his profession

 They say that if a woman decides to do something, then no one can stop her, this is what a woman has done, which has caught everyone's attention.

A 94-year-old woman from Russia grabbed everyone's attention when she was hailed as a brave woman as well as the greatest doctor in the medical world.

Surgeon Ala belonged to the city of Ryzan in Russia, while Ala is the oldest and most senior surgeon in the world.

The 94-year-old surgeon Ala has performed more than 10,000 surgeries in her 68 years in the medical field, all of which were successful.

Alla had read a novel related to the medical field, which helped her to understand the medical field and the suffering of humanity, and then she became engrossed in this field to such an extent that she neither married nor had children.

Although she faced many difficulties, Alla completed her studies at the Moscow Medical Institute, and continued to provide medical care in her area.

In her life, Ala used to say that medicine is not a profession, but a way of life. Why should a surgeon live, if not to work?

Alaa, a surgeon, considered her profession as worship, what did she do, there was also a nephew in the house who was himself disabled, she also took care of him and fed her 8 cats herself.

According to her daily schedule, she used to see patients in her clinic from 8 to 11 in the morning, then she would go to the hospital for surgery, so the days passed by and she reached the age of 94.


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