Govt agrees to pay Google, apps won't shut down

 The government agreed to pay Google. Access to the Google Play Store will not be suspended for users using a mobile account.

Finance Ministry Ishaq Dar accepted the proposal of IT Minister Aminul Haque. The government agreed to pay Google. IT Minister Aminul Haque says that payments will be made as per schedule, paid Google apps will not be closed.

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IT Minister Aminul Haq has been contacted by Special Assistant Finance Tariq Bajwa. Aminul Haq says that State Bank was instructed to delay the implementation of the policy for one month. Telecom operators were given one month time to implement the payment procedure.

In a month, IT Ministry, Finance and State Bank will formulate a plan of action in mutual consultation. Telecom operators appealed to IT Ministry for assistance in the matter. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had written a letter to give time frame and make payments. .

The State Bank of Pakistan has decided to suspend the Direct Carrier Billing system after which Pakistani users are unable to download applications from the Google Play Store using the money in their mobile phone account.

 If the decision is implemented, users would have to download apps from Google Play Store through debit card and credit card.

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 In a joint letter written by the telecom companies to the federal government, it was pointed out that the suspension of this payment system will affect the services offered by global giants Google, Amazon and Meta etc. in Pakistan. And it is likely to affect the country's telecom and information technology sectors.

 After which the government has approved the request of the telecom companies and decided to pay Google for one month. A policy will be formulated on the payment procedure within a month.

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