Why is the football connected with a wire.. What is special about this football used in the World Cup?

 Everyone must have played football at one time or another and everyone knows that air is filled in this strong ball, but in the recent World Cup in Qatar, some pictures of football have come out that have surprised everyone.

There are pictures on social media and fast going viral in which footballs are seen being charged with the help of a wire. Let's find out what is the matter.

Smart Football

In fact, these are modern and smart footballs named Al-Rihalla. They also have a sensor inside that sends ball data to the video operator room 500 times per second to determine offside.

They are also light in weight

These smart footballs called Al Rihla have 14 gram rechargeable batteries installed which can also be charged wirelessly. It works for 6 hours after a single charge. In addition, this football is made of water-based ink and glue, so it is also environmentally friendly, while English footballer Karen Trippier also said in her statement that Smart Footballs are lighter in weight than previous footballs.

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